Tamon Otsuka

I loved to hang out with my friends and farming and going somewhere with my host family. It was super happy to know my improvement or what I changed since I got here. Every month at one point I always think about it and there is a lot of things changed since I got here.

I had so good experience at the host family’s house and with my host family.

My host family has a farm. I helped them a lot with farm work. For almost 6 months, my everyday work was to feed grain to heifers every after school. Also, I helped branding, calving and feeding cows. I have done super cool stuff at the host family’s house.

With my host family, we went to a lot of places and we did a lot of stuff.

I had so much fun at school. all of the teachers were nice to me and I made a lot of friends.

My favourite subjects are history and art and math. This isn’t in the question but, my at least favourite subject is definitely chem. I had so hard time trying to catch with the class. I did my best, the tutorial helped me a lot.

It is super small community, and the good point is that you get to know a lot of people in the community.

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