Sae Kojima

I enjoyed all the things that I could experience in Canada. I enjoyed my school, I enjoyed living with my host family, I enjoyed doing activities in clubs and programs and I enjoyed hanging out with my friends. The most fun part for me this year was hanging out with people such as friends and host family. I really loved to have conversations with them, and I could feel the tips of speaking English and differences in ways of thinking. That was worthy and interesting for me.
My host family was perfect. My host parents were so kind and considerate. And, they had two cute daughters. The girls were nice and often attempting to do new fun things. They often invited me to try fun things together. That made me fun and laugh. There were two dogs, two cats, two birds, a mouse, and some fish in this family. I love animals so having animals around me helped me so much to live in and belonging to this family. This family really loves to go out and have fun so I could have done camping and hiking. Those were fun. I could really have a good time with them.
I enjoyed my school life in Canada. In my school, I joined three extra programs. I joined the choir, Mentorship program, and knitting club. I could make friends in each program and clubs. And form the choir, I could make friends that I eat lunch with every day and from the Mentorship Program, I could get friends that I hang out with often. Getting friends is important and necessary to enjoy school life so I am lucky that I could get many friends. My favourite subjects are ELL and Social. In the first semester, I took ELL level 3 and in the second semester, I took ELL level 4. In those ELL classes, I had almost the same classmates and the same teachers so I got familiar with them and I could make many friends. All my classmates were cheerful and funny. We all knew we were not good at English and had difficulties with English, so we helped each other. In Social class, I had a friend who was in the same ELL class as me. She helped me so many times and when I could help her, I did, too. In Social class, I learned about nationalism. When I heard about this topic the first time, I could not imagine what that is exactly. However, I could understand what it consists of and what rises it into ultranationalism. I have never learned about it in Japan, so I got really interested in this class. It sometimes could be difficult to understand but my friends and teacher supported me and helped me to understand what I did not know. And I could know there are many perceptions when I see one event with others.