Miharu Goto

We just started our new life in Geneva, Switzerland due to my husband’s new job. We were supposed to move to Geneva, Switzerland much earlier, but due to the current situation in the world, we had to postpone everything. However, I am grateful that my husband and I were able to spend more time with my parents than we had initially planned. The last few months have become very meaningful to me. Hope you and your families are safe too.
A few months late than planned due to current infections, but started a new life in Geneva, Switzerland. My husband has been transferred to the Swiss Branch from the Tokyo branch in the beginning of this year, and my company has an office in Europe, so I am also going to work in Switzerland. . In this situation, both of them work in the industry (company) of the pharmaceutical development, so thankfully it is necessary and there is a job.
My husband and I also love Japanese food, and we have a lot of favourite places and connections in Japan including Tokyo and Shizuoka, so I’m lonely for a while, but Geneva is a very international city, and there are lots of nature and delicious, and I live once in my life It’s a city that I’ve been thinking about before, so I’m going to have a lot of fun.
I would like to thank my husband from Geneva, and I would like to be grateful for the support around me. Stay healthy both body and body.

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