Marika Kon

I really enjoyed getting to know other cultures. This year, I met a lot of friends who are from other countries. Sometimes I was confused by differences because I had lived in Japan since I was born and there are not so many opportunities to get close with people from abroad. But now, my important friends are not only from Japan but also Canada, Poland, China, Colombia, the Philippines and so on.

I am so happy to have such a terrific host family. Usually in the house, there is not anyone my age, but Marisa and Randy talk a lot, so it was easy to get close with them. And, my host brothers and sisters are so friendly, so I am sad to leave here.

There are so many good teachers at Notre dame. They are friendlier than my Japanese high school teachers so when I could not understand in class, I can ask them without any hesitation and even my English was not good enough they try to help me.

In Calgary, there is a lot of buses, so I can go anywhere by bus easily and when I got bored, I did not need to stay at home all day. Also, I really like to take the dog for a walk, because the load is wide and especially after the winter, that was so fun to do that.

When I met with my coordinator she was so helpful, especially when I got homesick, just talking with her made me better and I could ask a lot of questions when we met then she always tried to solve my questions.

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