Kaho Kobayashi

I built a great relationship with my host family throughout the year. I will miss this family so much. They go to church. When I went to church for the first time, I couldn’t understand anything the pastor said and I didn’t know about God. However, I continued going to church every Sunday and I started going to youth group every Friday night. I made many friends from different schools there and I am grateful that I learned about Christianity. The experiences encouraged me a lot. My host family is literally filled with love. Of course, I love this family and I feel like I am loved by this family as a family member. I really appreciate that they welcomed me as a family member and all of the time we spent together. My school life in Canada was very busy and great. I was in leadership, drama and choir and I supported the school volleyball team. The experience of speaking my lines on the stage made me grow a lot. I made many friends from school. When they asked me about Japan or Japanese, I really enjoyed explaining it to them. One of my favourite memories is that I presented about me and Japan in my host sister’s class. I taught Origami too. I was very glad that the kids asked me many questions and that they enjoyed it. When I have no school on Fridays, I go to the daycare to volunteer. Spending time with the kids is always fun. I am going to miss them too. I still cannot believe I have to leave here soon. What I think now is that I am so glad I made a decision to come here. Sometimes I wanted to go back to Japan. I did not know what to do to make the year great. However, I overcame a lot of small hardships and then I grew up as a person step by step. I am proud of myself. But I am still not satisfied with my English skills. I will definitely continue studying English and have better skills and I will come back here.


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