Chihiro Nishiwaki

This summer, I joined Wynchemna English Language Camp in Calgary. There were around 30 students from different countries. I learned about different cultures. International supper was very interesting to me. We made our own countries’ dishes by ourselves. There were Chines, Taiwanese, France, German and Russian food that I’ve never seen before. I loved Russian potato pancakes. In the Camp, students have a chance to share our culture. We can feel and enjoy the differences. Also, we can enjoy Canada. We did camping in the Rocky Mountains. It was beautiful. The air was pure clean and there was a beautiful lake near the camping spot. At night, there were millions of stars in the sky. I was very lucky that I could find how beautiful nature is. I made a best friend in the camp. She was my roommate. We have different personalities but that made us more closer. Because we tried to understand each other and it is very fun to know different opinions. On the last day, We promised that we will meet again. Wynchemna English Language Camp made my summer more exciting. The memories are my treasures. Of course, my English skill was improved. Because we had such amazing teachers. They were very kind and close to us. The teachers help anytime. So just try to speak English. It doesn’t matter how much you can speak English. It is much important that you want to speak English and enjoy this Camp. Wynchemna English Language Camp will make every student’s summer unforgettable for sure!

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