Colleen Fedele

Ms. Colleen Fedele was the former Executive Director of Global Partners Institute and was responsible for creating innovative new programs and services for the Institute. Ms. Fedele has had many experiences in international education. As a high school student, her family lived in Saudi Arabia, allowing her many opportunities to travel and experience several different cultures. During her tenure at Global Partners Institute, she has travelled extensively working with our global partners in Asia and Europe. Under her leadership, Ms. Fedele help support exchange programs for Canadian students to study in Japan, and initiated exchange programs for Australian students in Canada. She is currently the managing director of a successful chain of retail stores in Western Canada.

Ms. Fedele serves on the Advisory Board of the Friends of Mulmangcho, Yeoju, South Korea, a boarding school designed for one-on-one teaching for North Korean refugee students ranging from elementary to high school. She is also on the Board of Directors of Global Partners Institute, Vancouver, British Columbia, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides language, cultural studies, and homestays throughout Canada.