Aeri Jeong, Executive Director

Global Partners Institute Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Aeri Jeong to the role of Executive Director. Ms. Jeong has worked with Canadian institutes, specializing in foreign exchange relations with countries across the globe for over 10 years.

She enjoys learning and working within multicultural educational environments and is an expert in the development of international markets. She has been widely successful in the delivering of student services and building partnerships within international education, supported by her strong language ability that includes fluent English, Japanese, Korean. She is married, and currently resides in North Vancouver with her husband.

Ms. Jeong holds a master’s degree in Information Science from Tsukuba University in Japan. She studied Psychology, Counselling, and completed TESOL in the US and Canada. Her professional management in educational industry experiences is broad, proven by the different positions she has held. She has provided supervision, initiated works with educational professionals with a focus on improving communication and developing secondary and post-secondary programs in Canada. She is an educator, and a strong advocate of youth becoming global leaders.

Ms. Jeong looks forward to working with the Regional Managers and staff at GPI to support the delivery of excellent Canadian experiences to our visiting international students.