Student Rules

  1. Student must abide by the laws of Canada.

    • Students may not buy, use or sell illegal drugs. They may only use drugs prescribed by a doctor or purchased from a pharmacy.

    • Students are not permitted to smoke. It is illegal to purchase or consume cigarettes under the age of 18.

    • Students are not permitted to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. Drinking age in Canada is 19.

  2. Students are not allowed to purchase or use guns of any type.

  3. Students are not permitted to drive any motor vehicle, to take driving lessons, or to obtain a driver’s license while participating in the program.

  4. Students are discouraged to enter into a sexual relationship while in the program. Outings with groups of friends are permitted with the approval and permission of the host family.

  5. Students must not engage or participate in any form of bullying, abuse or violence.

  6. Students must not enter pornographic shops, adult theatres or drinking establishments. They must not buy, view or download from the internet pornographic materials.

Any infraction of the above 6 rules can result in immediate dismissal from the GPI program and termination of your study permit.

  1. Students must always be aware of their responsibility as exchange students and make a determined effort in their schools.

    • Students must maintain at least a “C” average.

    • Students must attend school daily and complete ALL homework and assignments.

    • Students must speak English in school at all times.

    • Students must remember that they are representing their home country as ambassadors and act accordingly.

  2. Students are not permitted to participate in skydiving, hang gliding, parachute jumping, bungee jumping, bull riding or any other dangerous activities.

  3. Students should refrain from contacting other international students frequently during the program. They should refrain from making international telephone or internet chat calls to their parents or friends on a regular basis.

    • Students are discouraged to telephone home (parents, friends, school) to complain or discuss problems. Students should talk to their PC, or their home country coordinator instead.

  4. Students must show respect for their families and teachers, and act as a member of their family.

    • Students must obey family rules and help with household chores.

    • Students are discouraged to talk about the family’s private affairs to others, especially on social media sites (ie: Facebook, Twitter).

    • Students cannot change host family, community or school at will.

    • Students are expected to join into family activities and outings.

    • Students are able to get a cell phone with permission from the host family.

    • Students are to use technological devices in moderation. There is to be a limited amount of time when in the host home. GPI wishes to have students to become immersed in their new family and culture as a whole as opposed to spending time communicating with others through technological means. Students must keep in mind that what they post on line quickly becomes public information.

  5. Students are not permitted to go on trips by themselves. The trip accompanied by a responsible adult may be permitted, if the permission from GPI, and the natural parents are obtained in advance.

  6. Students must show respect to ALL representatives of GPI, and obey their instructions.

  7. Students are not permitted to become involved with radical religious sects or political groups.

  8. Students are not permitted to get any types of body piercings or tattoos.

Computer Use Policy During Long-Term GPI Programs

Recent advances in communication technology (Skype, MSN Messenger, email, etc.) make it easier than ever before for family and friends to remain in close and constant contact, even when separated by great geographical distance.

These advances, however, can be considered detrimental to the facilitation of successful long-term student exchanges, which require the student participant to interact with, and immerse him/herself fully in, the host culture and society in order to reap the benefits of life abroad. In order to ensure that students on GPI Long-Term Programs have the greatest possible chance to reap these benefits, Global Partners Institute is hereby implementing the following policy on computer use, which is to be adhered to be all students participating on our Programs:

  1. Students may bring personal computers with them from their home countries. Using computer for non-schoolwork related activities, including messenger, Skype, Facebook and the like, will result in a Warning Report and may result in dismissal from the GPI Program.

  2. Students are not permitted to purchase or rent computers in Canada without natural parent’s permission.

  3. Use of personal computer or the Host Family computer may be permitted, at the discretion of the host family, to a maximum of 30 minutes per day. Computers are to be used only in common areas of the home.

  4. Students abusing Host Family computer privileges will have these privileges suspended or terminated, at the discretion of the Host Family.

  5. Students are to realize that their main task as exchange students is to interact with their Canadian hosts and peers. Any technology use that interferes with this task will result in the technology privileges in question being suspended or terminated.

Student Consent Form

Disclosure of Student Name/Photograph

With the implementation of the Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act, it is necessary to receive your consent for the publication of your name and/or photograph in Global Partners-related activities and operations while a student in the Global Partners program.

Examples of where your name or photograph may appear include the following:

  • website

  • monthly newsletters

  • newspaper articles

  • award announcements/lists

School division related activities:

  • newspaper articles

  • award announcements/lists

  • art displays

  • class pictures

  • yearbooks

  • concert programs

  • emergency fan-out lists

  • school website (no last names)

Failure to abide by the rules will result in a Warning Report and may result in dismissal from the GPI program and termination of the student’s visa.

Thank you for participating in our program. Your generosity and kindness are what makes our programs a success.

Sincerely, Global Partners

    I, the undersigned, hereby affirm that I have carefully reviewed the GPI Program Rules and agree to abide by them during my exchange program. I understand that failure to abide by these Rules may result in my being dismissed from my Program and repatriated.