Homestay Guidelines Form

Dear Host Family:

In keeping with our Privacy Policy, all personal information gathered by Global Partners is protected under the Federal Privacy Act. Any information collected will not be disclosed to anyone other than authorized GPI personnel who need the information to carry out the responsibilities of their job.

By reading and signing the attached GPI’s Host Family Guidelines Forms, you agree that this information may be used for the sole purpose of the secure operations of GPI’s Homestay Program. You also grant consent to GPI to retain a copy of your Criminal Record Check and/or other security clearances that are required to be submitted as part of GPI’s Host Family screening process. The information that you give will be shared only by authorized persons with regards to your intent to host an international student. Your information is held in the strictest of confidence and will not be sold, traded or otherwise shared with other agencies not directly involved with our programs.

AYP Host Family Information

  • Global Partners Host Families act as volunteers. However, GPI provides a monthly honorarium to our families to help with the costs associated with hosting paid by cheque or direct deposit from head office, sent out around the 25th of every month.

  • If your student is moved part way through the month you will be compensated for the number of nights you hosted the student.

  • All household members, 18 years or older, are required to obtain a Criminal Record Check before GPI can place a student in their home. This check should be sent to the regional manager.

  • Host Families agree to speak English in the home at all times.

  • Host Families agree to not take any other international students into the home while they are hosting a GPI student. Hosting of ONE additional international student of the same gender and different ethnic group may be acceptable by approval from head office.

  • Host Families are responsible for providing accommodation and three meals a day. It is preferred that students have their own bedroom but if they are sharing they must have their own bed and a private study space.

  • Host Families are asked to assist students in organizing transportation to school (bussing). The student pays any transportation fees.

  • Students are required to attend school every day (and be on time).

  • Registering in school: Students should take 1 or 2 academics per semester, the rest of the classes are usually options such as gym, art etc. Most international students are placed in grade 10 courses. Non-academic courses are helpful for students to practice English and give them an opportunity to interact more socially with Canadian students.

  • Students bring comprehensive medical, travel and accident insurance from their country. In the event of a medical emergency, please contact your program coordinator.

  • Chores – as they are part of family please assign appropriate chores. Recognize though that in some countries, a student’s job is to study so many are not familiar with daily chores. This is a good time for then to learn our Canadian family ways.

  • Money – many students set up a bank account, however, more and more are coming with a CitiBank World Cash Card, which allows them to withdraw money from ATMs. Do not borrow money from or lend money to student.

  • Remind student to keep passport, plane ticket and travellers cheques in safe (locked) place.

  • Set house rules as you feel appropriate for their age. Students need to tell you where they are going, when they will return and who they are going out with.

  • Travel – if your student will miss any school or be away from home overnight, a travel form should be filled out and submitted to your coordinator 2 weeks prior to travel. (Does not apply to sleepovers generated at the student’s request and approved by host family) This form is sent to the natural parents for approval and is also important if we need to contact you/student in case of emergency.

  • Computer use should be viewed as a privilege and limited to a reasonable amount of time. Taking this privilege away can be a form of discipline.

  • For safety reasons students are strongly discouraged from baby-sitting. Should an emergency occur the student may or may not be able to react appropriately and respond well enough in English if they encounter a stressful situation.

Host Families agree to notify their coordinator regarding any changes to the original applications such as boarders moving in and out, change in place of employment, change in family members at home, pets, etc during the student’s stay.

As a Host Family for Global Partners Institute, we understand that:

  1. Two non-related references are required for the purpose of screening.

  2. Families applying for Long Term Hosting (3-12 months) must obtain a Criminal Record Check, a copy of which is retained by GPI, for all persons in the home 18 years and older. GPI may not place a student in the home until this check is received by the regional office.

  3. For families in Alberta applying for Long Term Hosting (3-12 months) must obtain a CWIS (Child Welfare Investigation Screening), a copy of which is retained by GPI, for all persons in the home 18 years old and older. GPI may not place a student in the home until this check is received by the regional office.

  4. We cannot host a student of the same nationality as the student we are hosting for GPI.

  5. International double placement may be acceptable as long as the student is the same gender and from a different country. GPI must be informed of any other international students/borders.

  6. We will only speak English (or French where applicable) while the GPI student is in the home.

  1. In the event that GPI’s international student causes or is suspected of causing damage to our property, we will not seek reparations directly from the student, but will inform GPI’s representative.

  2. We will not undertake any financial transactions (i.e. the lending or borrowing of monies) with GPI’s student without GPI approval.

  3. We understand we must be able to provide a desk and a private study space to the GPI student.

  4. We understand that the area in which the GPI student will be sleeping and/or studying must be equipped with a working smoke detector.

  5. We have read and understand the Host Family Information Sheet.

  6. We have read GPI’s Privacy Policy (where is GPIs privacy policy?) and agree to allow our names to be used on the name list.

  7. GPI may withhold payment if we breach this contract.

Sexual assault is unwanted sexual advances which fall short of rape, and may be without violence or even contact, but nonetheless offend the recipient and are clearly sexual in nature.

Rules about Inappropriate or Offensive Touching:

  1. Many people have different views on what constitutes ‘inappropriate touching’. Some people are naturally very affectionate and do not think twice about frequent physical contact between themselves and others. Remember that the student placed in your home is not your daughter or son. The student now living with you has grown up in a different culture; with different cultural norms about physical contact and needs to have their own personal space.

  2. Understand that touching, however innocent and whatever the intention or the form it takes, could be seen to be an act of harassment or sexual assault.

  3. It is crucial that host family members are aware of acceptable boundaries. Physical contact can be avoided altogether saving the need for any misunderstandings.

  4. I understand that inappropriate touching and sexual touching will not be tolerated and talked to all residents, in my home, who are 18 years of age and older, who also understand and accept these boundaries.

Thank you for participating in our program. Your generosity and kindness are what makes our programs a success.

Sincerely, Global Partners

    By signing the GPI Homestay Guidelines Form, you acknowledge that you have been informed of your right to privacy and that you understand that GPI will take all necessary steps to ensure your privacy is maintained.