Students’ Testimonials

Miharu Goto

We just started our new life in Geneva, Switzerland due to my husband’s new job. We were supposed to move to Geneva, Switzerland much earlier, but due to the current situation in the world, we had to postpone everything. However, I am grateful that my husband and I were able to spend more time with my parents than we had initially planned. The last few months have become very meaningful to me. Hope you and your families are safe too.
A few months late than planned due to current infections, but started a new life in Geneva, Switzerland. My husband has been transferred to the Swiss Branch from the Tokyo branch in the beginning of this year, and my company has an office in Europe, so I am also going to work in Switzerland. . In this situation, both of them work in the industry (company) of the pharmaceutical development, so thankfully it is necessary and there is a job.
My husband and I also love Japanese food, and we have a lot of favourite places and connections in Japan including Tokyo and Shizuoka, so I’m lonely for a while, but Geneva is a very international city, and there are lots of nature and delicious, and I live once in my life It’s a city that I’ve been thinking about before, so I’m going to have a lot of fun.
I would like to thank my husband from Geneva, and I would like to be grateful for the support around me. Stay healthy both body and body.

Rei Iwahashi

I’m back in Japan from Singapore because there is no flight to work.
It’s been 10 years since I left Canada.
But my family and friends in Canada still remember me even I don’t often text them.
I’m so happy to have you in my life.
It’s difficult to visit Canada, but once we return to normal life, I’ll do my best to visit you😆😆
I hope you understand my Singaporean English🤣

Thank you so much❤️❤️
Take care and stay health💓

Rinka Kobayashi

Hi everyone!
I am Rinka. I was studying in Red Deer, Alberta with the Walper family in 2016!
Now, I am a student at Hosei University in Tokyo.
I am studying International Economics mainly, international trade.
When I decide on my university, I was realized that pleasure to meet foreigners I felt in the summer camp. Since then, I am planning to build my carrier which can be connected to Japan and abroad.
When I was in Canada, I got help from various people. Especially, the Walper family!
I’m really glad to meet them in my life.
I think study abroad can give us not only English skills also, connection with people.
Even now, I don’t have any regret totally positive effect on my life!

Mio Sato

It was absolutely awesome summer in Wynchemna and I had a really good time with my new friends. My favourite activity was basketball because I’m used to playing that. I did make friends from another group. I enjoyed the meaning of meeting students from all over the world, learning about the culture, and making friends from other countries. I liked the trip that where we went to Edmonton and I had fun shopping at West Edmonton Mall because I like shopping. Wynchemna is the best way to improve our English speaking.

Chihiro Nishiwaki

This summer, I joined Wynchemna English Language Camp in Calgary. There were around 30 students from different countries. I learned about different cultures. International supper was very interesting to me. We made our own countries’ dishes by ourselves. There were Chines, Taiwanese, France, German and Russian food that I’ve never seen before. I loved Russian potato pancakes. In the Camp, students have a chance to share our culture. We can feel and enjoy the differences. Also, we can enjoy Canada. We did camping in the Rocky Mountains. It was beautiful. The air was pure clean and there was a beautiful lake near the camping spot. At night, there were millions of stars in the sky. I was very lucky that I could find how beautiful nature is. I made a best friend in the camp. She was my roommate. We have different personalities but that made us more closer. Because we tried to understand each other and it is very fun to know different opinions. On the last day, We promised that we will meet again. Wynchemna English Language Camp made my summer more exciting. The memories are my treasures. Of course, my English skill was improved. Because we had such amazing teachers. They were very kind and close to us. The teachers help anytime. So just try to speak English. It doesn’t matter how much you can speak English. It is much important that you want to speak English and enjoy this Camp. Wynchemna English Language Camp will make every student’s summer unforgettable for sure!

Kaho Kobayashi

I built a great relationship with my host family throughout the year. I will miss this family so much. They go to church. When I went to church for the first time, I couldn’t understand anything the pastor said and I didn’t know about God. However, I continued going to church every Sunday and I started going to youth group every Friday night. I made many friends from different schools there and I am grateful that I learned about Christianity. The experiences encouraged me a lot. My host family is literally filled with love. Of course, I love this family and I feel like I am loved by this family as a family member. I really appreciate that they welcomed me as a family member and all of the time we spent together. My school life in Canada was very busy and great. I was in leadership, drama and choir and I supported the school volleyball team. The experience of speaking my lines on the stage made me grow a lot. I made many friends from school. When they asked me about Japan or Japanese, I really enjoyed explaining it to them. One of my favourite memories is that I presented about me and Japan in my host sister’s class. I taught Origami too. I was very glad that the kids asked me many questions and that they enjoyed it. When I have no school on Fridays, I go to the daycare to volunteer. Spending time with the kids is always fun. I am going to miss them too. I still cannot believe I have to leave here soon. What I think now is that I am so glad I made a decision to come here. Sometimes I wanted to go back to Japan. I did not know what to do to make the year great. However, I overcame a lot of small hardships and then I grew up as a person step by step. I am proud of myself. But I am still not satisfied with my English skills. I will definitely continue studying English and have better skills and I will come back here.


Tamon Otsuka

I loved to hang out with my friends and farming and going somewhere with my host family. It was super happy to know my improvement or what I changed since I got here. Every month at one point I always think about it and there is a lot of things changed since I got here.

I had so good experience at the host family’s house and with my host family.

My host family has a farm. I helped them a lot with farm work. For almost 6 months, my everyday work was to feed grain to heifers every after school. Also, I helped branding, calving and feeding cows. I have done super cool stuff at the host family’s house.

With my host family, we went to a lot of places and we did a lot of stuff.

I had so much fun at school. all of the teachers were nice to me and I made a lot of friends.

My favourite subjects are history and art and math. This isn’t in the question but, my at least favourite subject is definitely chem. I had so hard time trying to catch with the class. I did my best, the tutorial helped me a lot.

It is super small community, and the good point is that you get to know a lot of people in the community.

Marika Kon

I really enjoyed getting to know other cultures. This year, I met a lot of friends who are from other countries. Sometimes I was confused by differences because I had lived in Japan since I was born and there are not so many opportunities to get close with people from abroad. But now, my important friends are not only from Japan but also Canada, Poland, China, Colombia, the Philippines and so on.

I am so happy to have such a terrific host family. Usually in the house, there is not anyone my age, but Marisa and Randy talk a lot, so it was easy to get close with them. And, my host brothers and sisters are so friendly, so I am sad to leave here.

There are so many good teachers at Notre dame. They are friendlier than my Japanese high school teachers so when I could not understand in class, I can ask them without any hesitation and even my English was not good enough they try to help me.

In Calgary, there is a lot of buses, so I can go anywhere by bus easily and when I got bored, I did not need to stay at home all day. Also, I really like to take the dog for a walk, because the load is wide and especially after the winter, that was so fun to do that.

When I met with my coordinator she was so helpful, especially when I got homesick, just talking with her made me better and I could ask a lot of questions when we met then she always tried to solve my questions.

Yu Kobayashi

I enjoyed a lot of new things such as wrestling and skating. Especially wrestling was good memory for me because I got many friends from the team. Also, I enjoyed cooking not only in Food class but also for my meals and sometimes for host family and friends. I got some recipes which I really liked from host grandmother. I sort of enjoyed crazy cold winter, too even though it was below -30℃. I think host family is the best way to stay abroad because I can ask about the manners in here, which I did not know such as proper clothing for school and how to be polite. My host family especially host mother taught me a lot and I asked her anything I wondered. They also have their connection with people so I could know a lot of people and variety of people.

Sae Kojima

I enjoyed all the things that I could experience in Canada. I enjoyed my school, I enjoyed living with my host family, I enjoyed doing activities in clubs and programs and I enjoyed hanging out with my friends. The most fun part for me this year was hanging out with people such as friends and host family. I really loved to have conversations with them, and I could feel the tips of speaking English and differences in ways of thinking. That was worthy and interesting for me.
My host family was perfect. My host parents were so kind and considerate. And, they had two cute daughters. The girls were nice and often attempting to do new fun things. They often invited me to try fun things together. That made me fun and laugh. There were two dogs, two cats, two birds, a mouse, and some fish in this family. I love animals so having animals around me helped me so much to live in and belonging to this family. This family really loves to go out and have fun so I could have done camping and hiking. Those were fun. I could really have a good time with them.
I enjoyed my school life in Canada. In my school, I joined three extra programs. I joined the choir, Mentorship program, and knitting club. I could make friends in each program and clubs. And form the choir, I could make friends that I eat lunch with every day and from the Mentorship Program, I could get friends that I hang out with often. Getting friends is important and necessary to enjoy school life so I am lucky that I could get many friends. My favourite subjects are ELL and Social. In the first semester, I took ELL level 3 and in the second semester, I took ELL level 4. In those ELL classes, I had almost the same classmates and the same teachers so I got familiar with them and I could make many friends. All my classmates were cheerful and funny. We all knew we were not good at English and had difficulties with English, so we helped each other. In Social class, I had a friend who was in the same ELL class as me. She helped me so many times and when I could help her, I did, too. In Social class, I learned about nationalism. When I heard about this topic the first time, I could not imagine what that is exactly. However, I could understand what it consists of and what rises it into ultranationalism. I have never learned about it in Japan, so I got really interested in this class. It sometimes could be difficult to understand but my friends and teacher supported me and helped me to understand what I did not know. And I could know there are many perceptions when I see one event with others.

Tomoki Ito

I enjoyed everything because I had lots of new experiences with my host family. It was hard to speak naturally, for example, it was hard to pronounce some words like “World” because those have difficult parts like “RL” My host family experience was wonderful because my host family did let me experience lots of things. The school was wonderful because I made lots of wonderful friends. My favourite subject was gym class because I could play lots of news sports. In the community, I joined a U-19 soccer team and it was so much fun. My local coordinator usually met and talked with me once per month which was so helpful and she was amazing! My advice to future students is there are many great and wonderful experiences. Don’t be afraid, be positive and keep smiling.