We make sure students get the most out of their study experience in Canada.
Here is how we support the industry:

We offer an intensive Secondary Education Preparation Course in January
and August so that students are ready for the challenges of Canadian secondary
institutions and enjoy a full experience while living in Canada.

We offer intensive face to face TOEFL/IELTS Preparation Courses during the year which include practice tests, skill building, and a visit to a testing center before the test so that students can be fully prepared for the experience. We also offer an online version of these programs to students in more remote locations.

We offer an intensive Secondary Education Preparation Course in January
and August so We place international students to short-term as well as semester and yearly programs in public and private Canadian Secondary Institutions providing students and parents with the necessary support and all the information for making the right study choice.

GPI also provides services for Post Secondary students. We assist with finding the best program to match ones future career goals, and the application process to secure placement with the preferred institution.

We process and ensure all applications to Canadian programs are completed successfully. This includes custodian services.

We offer full support to students in meeting CBSA/Government entry requirements for travelers. (Mandatory) Our quarantine program for students includes providing the necessary 14 day quarantine documents, transport from their arrival airport to a quarantine location, 24/7 supervision, daily health documentation, meal delivery, and a structured online orientation to Canadian Culture and Intensive ESL program for the students to work on while in quarantine. Rental laptops available at an additional fee.

We offer 24/7 on call language support and translation services for our students and partners. We also work with Canadian partner institutions in attending agent/promotional fairs abroad and sharing booth fees to assist in marketing cost reduction. Let us help you in representing your organization abroad.

We offer Canadian students with opportunities to study abroad through short-term and long-term program in conjunction with our sending partners to create low cost reciprocal exchanges.

We assist partner agencies in finding the program in Canada that best matches the goals and requests of their clients. Our database and regional staff offer insights that cannot be found in brochures or online content.

We offer full homestay services for youth and adult students. This includes vetting and training families to ensure they provide a safe and nurturing environment which enables them to be capable and ready to host successfully. Our homestay placement service finds the right family for each student.

Global Partners fully supports students through our team of Program Coordinators. Each student is assigned a local Program Coordinator ensuring 24/7 support. The Program Coordinator will regularly contact and report on the student’s experience allowing parents and agents to be updated and feel secure. The Program Coordinator can facilitate any request such as class changes or provide information on local attractions and way of life.

We work with programs to offer advice on strategy to host a successful international program. This ranges from logistics and classroom management to marketing.

We utilize a secure online database that connects sending organizations with us to streamline the student application and reporting process.

We provide students with medical insurance coverage with reputable international health insurance agencies and assist students in making claims for reimbursement of medical costs.

We are the rural Canadian experts! GPI has been delivering high caliber English/Cultural Immersion experiences for over 28 years across Canada. While many students target larger urban centers for their education abroad, GPI can target your needs and interests to smaller lower cost communities where schools and host families can provide higher quality experiences. Become a part of one of our many communities!

GPI has a Registered IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada) Consultant on our staff team to offer advice when needed.

Safe & reliable airport transfer services are offered by Global Partners