Homestay Testimonials

Butler Family – Alberta

Over the years we’ve opened our home to many students, and the goodbyes never get any easier. Tonight is our students last night in our home and in Canada. We have house full of very sad kids tonight. But we are glad for the opportunity to share Coutts and our gang with our students and to have new friends from so many different countries. If you’ve ever thought of hosting an exchange student, we highly recommended it!!

Manning Family-Alberta

Hosting with GPI has been a fantastic experience. They provide great support from the application process right through to placing a student in the home and offering ongoing assistance during the student’s stay.

Our family has really enjoyed hosting. We knew it was something we’d like to do, but our experience was even better than what we could have hoped for. It has been fun welcoming a new member into our family and getting to know her over almost a full year. Our kids have formed deep connections with their “older sister” and will miss her greatly! We look forward to staying in touch with her once she has gone back to Japan and seeing how her life continues to unfold. It has been a joy to support our student as she bravely endeavours to improve her English skills and to learn about and immerse herself in Canadian culture. We too have had the opportunity to learn from her and develop a deeper understanding of her culture. It has also been great fun to tour her around parts of our beautiful province. What a worthwhile year this has been for our family!

Porter Family – Alberta

When you spend a year with these kids they become a part of your family, not just for that year but for the long haul. They come here as an open book and showing them the beauty, wilderness, difference that is Canada, it reopens and reawakens our own love for our country. From introducing them to ice fishing and hockey in the winter to camping and “touristing” in the summer it is just FUN
Then you compare notes, learn new words, foods, even living arrangements and expand your horizons from your own couch. For us it started a spark and now our family is thinking of going to Japan someday to see the other side of things.
It starts out as offering a bed, a meal and a roof and can turn into a real heart changing experience

Naomi and Dean Porter

Bawlf AB