Homestay Services

Homestay is an essential part of the Canadian experience and therefore so very important to plan. Since 1992 Global Partners has helped students find a safe and friendly home with hosts that support them like their own family members. We invite you to have Global Partners find the homestay that will help create your ultimate Canadian experience.

Here is some valuable information on our homestay services;

  • Our host families take on an active role of parenting. All students placed by Global Partners should be prepared to become a family member.
  • All our homestays are professionally vetted by experienced staff doing reference checks, obtaining criminal record checks and visiting the homes before placing students. All host families receive a Global Partners orientation that helps them understand their role as they invite foreign students from around the world to enjoy their home. Throughout the student’s stay our staff communicates regularly with the host family to ensure that both the student and the host family are doing well. Our homestay staff are always in contact with the student’s Program Coordinator so it is easy to follow up with the student if they have any request. Our homestay staff also follow up at the end of the student’s stay to gather feedback and ensure everyone had a positive experience and that the next experience with the family will be another great one.
  • Most of our host families are repeat hosts that have been with Global Partners for over ten years. These host families are extremely reliable and have experienced students with various levels of language skills, diverse interests and different backgrounds.
  • Canada is a nation of many nations. You could be hosted by a family that represents almost any culture of the world whom; have made Canada their home after several generations of living here, are a first or second generation family, or perhaps are an Indigenous family. Canadian families have such diverse backgrounds, but they all share the core values of politeness, respect and care for others.
  • Our careful placement ensures information such as allergies, pets, dietary restrictions and special needs are considered well in advance so that we find the most suitable home.
    Let Global Partners Canada assist you in finding your new Canadian family!